Wednesday, 15 April 2020

The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society: Book Review

The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is a work of fantasy fiction genre, may also be bracketed with Children's literature label, by Anand Arungundram Mohan, an Indian author. This novel has become popular among the lovers of the fantasy genre and many readers have found this to be an interesting, entertaining and also a well-crafted piece of fiction by Anand. The novel appears to be the first instalment in a series planned by Anand, The Journey. So, we can expect more novels with the adventures of The Nifty Nine, a gang of nine children around whom the novel revolves. 

The novel has employed history to the service of the plot. Ashoka's vow of renunciation and his decision of quitting wars forever after the fierce Kalinga battle that brought destruction has been extrapolated by the author's ploy. He has added that after the battle, King Ashoka formed a secret society which was given the orders to bring the best of the available knowledge in the world in the form of a book and then preserving the same for the welfare of mankind. The book has been prepared with the best, the unimagined and previously undiscovered powers, innovations and ideas of science, wisdom and intellect. Ashoka's 9-men society completes the book and also takes responsibility for its safety. 

The present storyline begins in Hyderabad when 9 children are born the same day. One after another, all 9 of them are born one minute after each other. This might get the readers curious enough to glue with the content of the book and stick to it unless it lasts. However, as the novel begins taking shape in the present timeline, things might become usual and ordinary unless something happens on that day. One of the 9 kids, Gopal, dies while playing a cricket match and this leaves other children of the group devastated. While most of them submit to the reality, Leela, who has also chosen the name of the group as The Nifty Nine, thinks otherwise. A cryptic email from the dead friend also intensifies the plot. So, what's there? 

Somehow (you will get to know how once you read the novel) the children know about the Book of Power, the same book that Ashoka's men wrote and hid, and they decide to use the magical powers mentioned in the book to bring their dead friend back. Will it be possible? The novel that seems very limited once nothing is happening at the beginning suddenly becomes lit with events that will surprise and excite the readers. Many top book bloggers in India have praised the novel for the same and many other elements that will keep the readers at an edge of curiosity always. There might be minor glitches in the narrative because of a lacklustre appearance of the novel at times. Otherwise, the novel is a fully enjoyable piece of fiction by Anand Arungundram Mohan and I certainly recommend it to the readers who are interested in reading fantasy novels. This will also be an ideal piece for kids and teenagers. You can read more about the novel, find other details and get a copy in Digital format by clicking the link below: 

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