Sunday, 26 July 2020

Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij – Book Reviews Web

Business books are generally too specific to be followed by the readers who come from backgrounds which do not directly relate to business itself. For example, someone who is working as a data operator in a big company does not understand too much of business other than the data he or she enters. However, there are the books which are in general in nature and anyone, irrespective of the background, can understand the ideas embedded in the titles of this category. Shawn Vij, who happens to be connected to the great Rajendra Kumar family from Indian cinema, has come up with a title Moral Fiber, A Practical Guide to Living Our Values. Though the book is generally considered to be (and apparently is) largely concerned with the conscious of the corporate employees and discuses business ethics, there are many things that general readers can read in the book and learn.


Inspired by the simple living and wonderful aura of The Dalai Lama and the calm that he wears, even in today's chaotic world, on his body, Shawn Vij was inspired to think about his life so long and he came to a conclusion that he has shared in this book written by him. Moral Fiber is all about personal experiences and realisations by Shawn Vij that he has tried to translate into lessons for others in the form of readers. You can read this book if you are someone who is into business, corporate exposure or anything that remotely or closely relates to profit-making during the day.

I liked the parts in the book that deal with personality and the ways we can preserve our morality, in crude terms as well as abstract, humanity, emotional sides of our personae and overall a human being that we often lose as soon as we become a perfect deal-maker (at any cost). The book tries to explore the reasons why a workplace is often charged negatively in terms of vibes and atmosphere and what one can do to save oneself and others by bringing humane atmosphere back at workplace. Shawn has left his successful career of over 25-years just to educate others on how to improve the work-life balance and save one's soul from being crushed.

Is this the best book written on business ethics? We cannot conclude yet. However, thus far, the books I have read on this issue, which is rare, I would say that Shawn's Moral Fiber has got more than any other books in the past or the contemporary times. You can easily relate yourself as a subject and find yourself trapped in the circumstances that Shawn Vij has shared. You will not only be trapped but also get the rope to pull yourself out of the toxicity spread around us by following the leads by the author. All the best for your read!

Review by Rajiv for Book Reviews Web
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