Sunday, 30 August 2020

Author Aurijit Ganguli brings quality of fiction and entertainment together...

Coming from a literary background and having an education predominantly in the literary domain always vexed me... about the present state of Indian literature irrespective of language. I often question the authors who are writing these days. Be it Chetan Bhagat or Amish Tripathi or even Amitav Ghosh, where are the values we look for? Where are the qualities in your literature that can guide the readers towards deciding what is right and wrong? I am not even naming those who are only busy with their sensual, sizzling and abject leisure literature. However, the ones who are famous, 'powerful' and celebrities, what are they doing? Amidst such crisis, there are also the ones who are not established and just emerging but they are offering more value and qualities in their produced works. One such novelist is Aurijit Ganguli and today I am writing about him. He has published his debut work The Shambala Sutras recently.


Aurijit Ganguli's life, thus-far, has been spent with literary ideas around him, intensity might be measured but the presence of literature cannot be denied. An article published about the novelist on Indian Authors explains this literariness of the author wonderfully. And as a student and teacher of literature, I can vouch for that. An author with interest in the cores of literary values will always do wonderful with whatever he writes compared to the authors who are only writing for entertainment. Aurijit Ganguli's debut novel, The Shambala Sutras, is a testimony to the fact – the work explores the depths of scriptures, provides adventure experience to the readers and also brings to the fore the qualities that our ancient history and civilisation treasures. So, readers are made aware of what history and mythology tells, entertained with the flow of the fiction and also acquainted with the wonderful things that we have been nurturing for many centuries.

Aurijit Ganguli's writing skills can be summed up in very few words. You won't feel like putting the debut work by him down unless you finish the book and know what happens on the trip to find the ancient and hidden kingdom of Shambala, in the wombs of Himalaya. He has weaved his fiction wonderfully, skilfully and also artistically – keeping space for everything that he decided to offer to the readers without letting them feel dodged by anything in excess... proportions of the ingredients are appropriate and that is why we find this novel unputdownable!

Time will tell us how the emerging novelist continues his journey and what kind of literature he produces in the next novels he writes. However, I am more than satisfied with the realisation that emerging authors are aware of the literary responsibility that they have. It is good for the readers and also for the future of Indian literature. All the best to the author and also to the readers who are excited to read the book. Keep reading!

By Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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