Saturday, 15 August 2020

Best book to study literary theory and criticism – yes, the Peter Barry book!

Are you a student of English literature? If your answer is yes, you are probably looking for some overwhelming book that might open a Pandora's box of simple and comprehensive ideas and make you understand literary theory and literary criticism... and that is why you are here because you want to know if such a book exists. Yes, the answer is yes and there is a book which has been recommended time and again by many literary scholars, experts and modern-day literary influencers who think that Peter Barry's book, Beginning Theory, does not only solve the basics like what is literary theory but also offers a comprehensive insight into things which are complicated in nature and take a full week of regular lectures by experts to be clarified. 

Peter Barry's book, Beginning Theory, itself says that it is an elementary book written for the beginners who are just entering into the domain of understanding the topic itself rather than getting deeper into it and  messing their heads by looking horns with likes of Derrida and Lacan. So, by that standard, the book is just awesome and you cannot deny it. It has the chapters designed in a way that a basic learner in literary theory can easily understand what a particular theory is about, what it propagates and what a literary theories practising that theory does with a particular text. 

The book is better than any other book for the learners of theory at an early stage. For example, the book by Patricia Waugh enters into the domain of the intellectual aspects of theories and their validity. These are the advanced perspectives which might perplex the basic level learners and they will not be able to use the books to any advantage. On the other hand, Barry's textbook is exactly what a student might need to understand many basic and essential things. 

If you are a student of English literature and you are worried about your grades in literary theory paper or criticism paper, I would advise you to go with this book by Peter B and you will not regret your decision. Mark my words for sure! Don't go for any other bulky book that can confuse you and lead you nowhere. Also, if you need specific help or any other details or microscopic details into literary perspectives, you can always visit English Literature Education and get your queries resolved. All the best! 

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