Saturday, 8 August 2020

Contemporary Indian Authors I recommend reading – my list

I don't generally recommend authors on this blog. I have been doing a lot of book reviews whenever I find time. I have been recommending books to my lovely readers who are also readers in general. However, this is, perhaps the first time that I am recommending a list of authors, Indian authors, I recommend you should read because they are not only different in what they offer to you as a reader but also genuine, originally creative and almost peculiar in their content. Are you ready to know about the Indian authors I have to write about today? Read the article.

  1. Osho: Believe me, I used to be an avid hater of Osho without reading him considerably enough and I hate myself for this. I have read Osho ind details now and I would say with my eyes closed that Osho makes more sense than most of the modern self-help or spiritual authors do. You have to read Osho to understand his ideas, arguments, philosophy, emotions and genius. Do read him.
  2. Vikram Sampath: Vikram Sampath is a name that most of the literary aware people in India know by now. This author has shot to fame by writing biographies of people who have achieved things what common people cannot do. Sampath's writing is simple but effective to the extent that it can keep the readers interest intact with the content of the book and you have to read then... His books on Gauhar Jaan and Veer Savarkar have become very famous.
  3. Vinoth M: Yes, before you ask me, embrace the surprises that you might be getting on this list. Vinoth M is an emerging author who has written an intriguing title that tries to bridge the gap between Science and God. Nevertheless, some people may see that his writing is actually trying to break the bridge between these two distinct ideas. And let me tell you, this is the beauty of this author's writing in his book The Concept of 'God' which is a book that argues in favour of God and against it; yes, the book does both the things together. You should give it a try.
  4. Sameen Rashid Khan: Well, when I talked about an emerging author on the above, let's discuss another emerging author in India, Sameen Rashid Khan, who is a versatile creative writer with a novel, a poetry collection and a short story collection to her credit. She writes to bring issues to the light, express her own learnings from personal experiences and riddle the readers with intellectual challenges made with words. Her works will be worth your time and you should try any or all of her three works published thus far.
  5. Shawn Vij: Well, can we say him an Indian? Yes, we can! Shawn Vij has deep connections with Bollywood ear of the 60s and 70s as he is the descendent of the great and legendary actor Rajendra Kumar. Shawn Vij has emerged as an author who has been working to rekindle the moral fibre inside the hearts of the corporate employees. His debut book, Moral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living our Values tries to refuel what is inherently a human quality – emotions. You will know, once you read Vij, that his writing is very simple and conveys the vital parts of his book in an effective way as well as a comprehensive style.
  6. Jiddu Krishnamurti: Who does not know this person? Jiddu Krishnamurti was an acclaimed philosopher who mostly preached about living a life which is free of the load of burdens that we often carry and thus fear the known. Krishnamurti's writings may not be called lucid enough to be read and perceived by the readers at large. However, whoever reads the books by him should get a feeling of liberation at an initial level because his words act nothing lesser than magical spell bound to which we can do what we cannot imagine! You must not miss this great Indian author named Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Guys, this was my list for the day and I am sure that you will find your choice in an author among them or even more than one if you wish to explore into unread domains. You should read from varieties rather than sticking to the same old drab so that your reading appetite remains healthy itself. All the best!

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