Thursday, 24 December 2020

Random Curiosity by Yash Pal with Rahul Pal – Book Review

What can you ask? How random can your questions be? What would it be if someone can answer all your questions? How wonderful it might be if there is a source like Alexa that can answer all your questions... well, well, well... Alexa or Siri or Google works with the internet and what happens if there is no internet... if you want to know facts which you might be curious to know anytime and if you don't want to be messed with the Internet, you can have a book Random Curiosity written by Yash Pal and Rahul Pal. This book offers you most of the answers that you might have questions for...

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Gautam Rajrishi – the new rising phenomenon in Hindi-Urdu poetry

If you are a regular reader of Hindi literature, you must have come across Neela Neela, a collection of poems in Hindi and Urdu. With the popularity of Neela Neela, Gautam Rajrishi's personal fame has also shot very high among youths, readers of Hindi contemporary fiction and also the critics of literature. Gautam's writing is contemporary, his style is modern and yet, he can invoke all those traditional sentiments in his readers with his call to emotion techniques that he uses in his poems very often. If you love reading Hindi literature and you haven't read Gautam yet, it's the time that you do so!


Thursday, 10 December 2020

Happimess by Biswajit Banerji is way beyond a short story collection – an opinion

I have been reading short story collections for many years now and this year has not been an exception. I have read about 4 short story collections this year and two of them were by Indian authors. One was by Dr Prema Raghavan and another was by Biswajit Banerji, the author of Happimess, a short story collection that comes with a promise to surprise you, at the very beginning.


And it does what it promises to do. Without spoiling any part of the reading pleasure that readers may extract from Hapimess, let me brief about the book in this article.

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Digital or physical? What publication mode should an author choose?

Well, if you are a new author who has to understand the abcd of writing industry, you should rather be going for digital publication without any second thoughts. The writing industry in India, more than anywhere else, is not too straightforward and simple for the new talents who begin their journey.


Once you are published, then only you can realise why did I say so. And therefore, investing too much money in getting your paperback or hardback published might be a very costly deal that may compel you to leave writing industry right away... after making your hasty debut!

Friday, 4 December 2020

Women Novelists and Women Identity – two novels that you should read

Women have led the ways when it required so; in India, it has been normal for women to take the leader's role and show the right path to the society, on many occasions. In Indian English literature also, women have often taken the responsibility of showing their plight, might and right when they wanted to. Recently, in 2020, there were many novels by women that were published.


However, two novels that caught the attention of people were the ones that dealt with the issues of women identity, the ambition of women and their right to prove themselves. The best part about these two novels that will be introduced here is that these novels are comic in nature and do not overpower the readers' will to continue reading with the bombardment of over-intellectual jargon decorated with an unnecessarily elevated lexicon. So, let's go and get introduced to these two must-read novels written by two women authors.