Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Digital or physical? What publication mode should an author choose?

Well, if you are a new author who has to understand the abcd of writing industry, you should rather be going for digital publication without any second thoughts. The writing industry in India, more than anywhere else, is not too straightforward and simple for the new talents who begin their journey.


Once you are published, then only you can realise why did I say so. And therefore, investing too much money in getting your paperback or hardback published might be a very costly deal that may compel you to leave writing industry right away... after making your hasty debut!

Self-publishing companies in India are not very transparent in their process. They will never tell you the exact prices for services that they offer to you. They sell you packages, mostly as add-ons on a basic price, and you buy these because you are not very sure about what you are buying... this is all just capitalising on the ambitions of people who are too hurried to see their works published and show it to others they know. Isn't it true?

When we talk about monetary issues, selling a Kindle Ebook will give you something around 60 RS if you take care of things by yourself. However, if you let your publishers sell a paperback or a Kindle for you, you may never be sure of how much you sell, how much you make and what are the actual numbers... And this is the case with every author who is not a celebrity. IN the beginning itself, who can be a celebrity? No one!

My advice will be very simple to all the ambitious heads out there who want to realise their writing dreams and getting a book published. Find a publisher who can offer you exactly the things that you need and nothing more or less. Find a publisher who is transparent enough to give you the direct access at least to the Kindle dashboard so that you can monitor the sales and add your bank account number where your royalties will be transferred.

For digital only publication and to know why is this format the new success idea for authors in India, you can visit the website of Ashvamegh Publications. These guys are making things completely changed for the authors as well as publishers in India. They are challenging the big names in publishing industry with their transparent policies, honest feedbacks and revolutionary decision to offer the Kindle dashboard with complete set-up directly to the authors themselves. I am pretty sure many authors will take the deals instantly as no publisher can offer such deals to them when it comes to self-publishing. Ashvamegh Publication charges only for the real publishing job they do – editing, layout designing, Ebook creation and uploading the Ebook to Kindle store is FREE! :) If you are an author with ideas, Ashvamegh may offer you the wings you need... Do get your book published soon and also ensure that you are charged fairly for the services that you want. All the best!

By Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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