Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Gautam Rajrishi – the new rising phenomenon in Hindi-Urdu poetry

If you are a regular reader of Hindi literature, you must have come across Neela Neela, a collection of poems in Hindi and Urdu. With the popularity of Neela Neela, Gautam Rajrishi's personal fame has also shot very high among youths, readers of Hindi contemporary fiction and also the critics of literature. Gautam's writing is contemporary, his style is modern and yet, he can invoke all those traditional sentiments in his readers with his call to emotion techniques that he uses in his poems very often. If you love reading Hindi literature and you haven't read Gautam yet, it's the time that you do so!


Gautam has been indulged in writing poems and shayari for many years now. His works were being published in many magazines publishing Hindi literature. He is also an active official with Indian army and this ensures that a share of his themes is captured by army sentiments, armed forces on border, wars and brave heroes of the army. He has dedicated a complete collection of short stories to the brave Indian army – Hari Muskurahaton Wala Collage. In his collections of poems also, Neela Neela and Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan, he has dedicated many poems to Indian army.

Gautam Rajrishi's style is unique. He appeals to the modern readers with his modern and innovative style. This modernity, in turn, somehow supports Gautam in pulling out the traditional appeal in his poems. He writes about village, sunrise, sunset, an army officer coming home, a love missing his beloved, a beloved looking for her lover in the shadows and so on... And then, it seems that Gautam is catering to the readers only with modern language but with the same traditional approach that was used by poets in the past. His images, metaphors, icons and other elements are very simple and therefore, a reader can make his meaning out rather quick. These are the things that make Gautam a people's poet... he can say so much in just two lines compared to other poets who want to carry forward the same sense in many couplets.

"करें परवाह क्या वो मौसमों के रुख़ बदलने की
परिंदे जो यहाँ परवाज़ पर तूफ़ान ढ़ोते हैं"

And there are many examples like this that we can present to exhibit the fact that Gautam Rajrishi's modern style with his modern-traditional lexicon is capable to bring the most striking emotions that climb up to the readers' conscious very quickly. You can know more about Gautam Rajrishi and his books, events and his profiles on social media platforms by visiting his official website here: Gautam Rajrishi

By a contributor to Book Reviews Web

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