Thursday, 24 December 2020

Random Curiosity by Yash Pal with Rahul Pal – Book Review

What can you ask? How random can your questions be? What would it be if someone can answer all your questions? How wonderful it might be if there is a source like Alexa that can answer all your questions... well, well, well... Alexa or Siri or Google works with the internet and what happens if there is no internet... if you want to know facts which you might be curious to know anytime and if you don't want to be messed with the Internet, you can have a book Random Curiosity written by Yash Pal and Rahul Pal. This book offers you most of the answers that you might have questions for...

For an instance, why do the golf falls have dimples? Why not these balls used in golf sport are flat-round? The authors will give you answer for that. How does the computer keep all the data in its hard disk? How are the shooting stars formed? Can we store smoke? And so on... so forth... blah blah blah... there might be many questions that we might want to inquire from time to time and all these answers can be found in the book by two scientists.... Random Curiosity is prepared by two scientists, distinguished ones from India, Yash Pal and Rahul Pal.

The best thing about this book, other than its content, is the price-tag with which this one comes. Published by government publication, National Book Trust, India, the book is priced only RS 140 and anyone can get it from the NBT stores around the nation. You may also get it online on various retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

I would suggest the book for the readers who want to inquire about the most general curiosity that we all share as fellow human beings. The scientific answers to all these questions that we might have will surely increase our general knowledge. However, let there be one thing very clear that the authors, from science background, do fail to realise the gravity of questions that are generally based on a religious or spiritual framework. They simply skip the questions or offer cynical answers that might not suffice the curiosity that most of us have.

You can get a copy of the book from websites like Amazon India. I have added a link to the book page on the internet here:

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Review by Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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