Friday, 4 December 2020

Women Novelists and Women Identity – two novels that you should read

Women have led the ways when it required so; in India, it has been normal for women to take the leader's role and show the right path to the society, on many occasions. In Indian English literature also, women have often taken the responsibility of showing their plight, might and right when they wanted to. Recently, in 2020, there were many novels by women that were published.


However, two novels that caught the attention of people were the ones that dealt with the issues of women identity, the ambition of women and their right to prove themselves. The best part about these two novels that will be introduced here is that these novels are comic in nature and do not overpower the readers' will to continue reading with the bombardment of over-intellectual jargon decorated with an unnecessarily elevated lexicon. So, let's go and get introduced to these two must-read novels written by two women authors.

The novel by Mamta Kashyap, An Unusual Honeymoon, tries to portray the image of an ambitious woman who can dare to put her ambition and willingness to prove herself before the social need to be married and then settle with a likeable husband. Mahashweta is the protagonist in this novel who lands into very comic (and serious if you see it from a different angle) situation when her boyfriend elopes with her best friend right on the verge of their marriage... however, she decides to pursue her passion and decides to buy the inn she desired to own and run. And, the situation gets more complicated and hilarious when she decides to go to her honeymoon alone... this is more than enough to arouse the interest of people in this novel and to further spur their desire, Mahashweta is married on her honeymoon, to someone she knew just 2-3 days ago! How will this woman come out of this complicated mess she is getting into? Will her ambition lead her to the right destination? How will she cope with a marriage that wasn't on the cards? An Unusual Honeymoon is a novel that offers comic respite as well as many serious issues to talk. A must-read for many reasons that you will understand once you begin reading it.

Another novel that women readers, especially, must read is by Srinithya Srinivasan. Srinithya's novel entitled Marry Me, Ms. Stranger deals with the desire to marry a woman and a woman's right to deny that desire which is fouled by monetary heat rather than long-kept understanding, trust and mutual respect. Janani Iyengar is the protagonist and the novel's storyline is run by her narrative. Janani's complicated story is told from her point of view and this gives a very detailed ground to the readers that will let them understand why is Janani denying to marry the most eligible bachelor in India, Aman, who is the only child of his wealthy parents, one of the wealthiest family in Asia. Why would a woman deny such a marriage proposal? Why is Janani adamant on knowing someone well enough before saying yes for a marriage? What are her demands from Aman before getting ready to let him try? This novel deals with serious issues related to marriage (with an Indian context) in a way that will let the readers enjoy a movie-like setting, emotional and rational conversations and also the storyline... This is a detailed read that one must not miss!

I am sure that the readers will like both these novels. Novels like the ones mentioned above keep the emotionally serious quotient in Indian literature thriving among the literature that is largely focused on momentary entertainment. And therefore, it is very essential that authors like Mamta and Srinithya are there to offer the readers with sensible and relevant literature to consume.

Written by Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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