Friday, 8 January 2021

Get Rick Click by Marc Ostrofsky – Book Review

Though the world might have come entirely online and we cannot assume any day in our lives to go smoothly if we do not taste the speed of the internet at least once, there are many other things that we can do online and someone has imagined these things well before we could ever think in this direction. India is a rapidly growing market for internet and internet based services like pay per view video companies, social media companies and many other things. However, we must not forget that India is a super market full of consumers – online as well. Marc Ostrofsky's landmark work, Get Rick Click – The Ultimate Guide to Making Many on the Internet may have been a book which is old for the West and other parts of the world having full-fledged internet way before, for Indian readers, the book might be a wonderful treasure trove!


The book simply lists all the possibilities (to a great extent) that the users on the internet can do to make some money. And this 'some', let me be very frank, is just too much to specify and too little to even mention. The book brings all the possibilities on the internet to exploit its rich prowess and use one's mind and intellect to make money. Affiliate Marketing, Video Blogging, Mobile Apps... these are some of the examples that I can give.

The concepts, many of them, were rather new when the book first published, in the year 2011, and for India, these concepts were too far-fetched and no one could have believed the author back then except a few visionaries who have already made it big with their minds and ideas. Technical Guruji, Carryminati, and a few others on the YouTube from India who have become far more than anyone could have imagined when they began... and, to the best of the people, no time is too late when we have the internet in hand! You can begin anytime and make it big with your hard work, dedication and a little guidance from a book just like this – Get Rich Click.

The book is written in a very simple language and it is colourful, wonderfully presented and also meets wonderfully to the eyes when you read it in the hardcover version. However, you can make use of the internet and get a Kindle edition as well. Get any edition you like but do read it when you can and learn the basics as well as advances of internet money making opportunities and who knows you can be the next – a, b or c?

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Review by Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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