Saturday, 30 January 2021

Malini Amaladoss – another woman novelist exploring the shades of sensible romance

Why do I call it sensible romance? Well, for the starters, once you read the novel by Malini Amaladoss, her debut one, you will find why my initial subscription that Malini's romance, the way she perceives it in her debut work Retrace Love, is sensible and mature, commendable and laudable compared to many others who might her her peers. Retrace Love is a complete novel in the ways it approaches romance, exhibits the nuances of it and concludes the novel with a positive tone without any unnecessary twists or bends that might have shunned the possibilities of concluding a novel on a high note. Well-done, Malini! Unlike many other Indian Authors, Malini's approach will surely surprise the readers. I will argue the same below.


Malini Amaladoss is a self-dependent woman, an engineer by profession and a well-settled professional in the US. She has travelled to different parts of world with a good time of her life spent partly in India, Belgium and in the USA. However, her story is outrightly Indian in its tone and tenure. She writes about two college best buddies, Tina and Meghna, and their adventures in the romantic world. Tina falls in love with Ray, a doctor and Meghna falls in love with Neil, a person belonging to a rich business family. However, rather than pushing usual death and murder mysteries to make her work arousing and sensible, Malini has fused the themes that let her women characters take the centre stage and decide for their lives. This very notion is powerful enough to excite the readers – yes, women characters decide for their lives, make important decisions and boldly accept the outcomes. Separation, living as a single mother, keeping the secrets they should and then deciding which way the life should move... there are many episodes in the novel that prove Retrace Love is more than merely a work romance fiction... well, at the heart of it, indeed it is a romance with sensual episodes in the required numbers.

The things that compensate Malini Amaladoss' vision of an accessible contemporary romance are her language, her simplistic and rather minimalistic style and her approach to the construct of the novel which is rather sorted, simplified and enticing the readers to continue reading until they reach the final episode.

Malini can be put in the category of those women authors who want to present their side of the narrative to the world rather than following someone else's footsteps and offering their stories coated with the styles of others. Malini has an original script and a genuine style and these things will keep the readers interested in her upcoming work as well – You Complete Me. You can read the review of her work Retrace Love by Indian Book Critics on this link:

Retrace Love

Piece by Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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