Sunday, 17 January 2021

The Reader's Companion to World Literature – Book Review

Literature is one thing. Reading literature is another. Understanding literature is yet another thing. And then, the final thing comes to the scene – writing literature. Writing literature is by those who have the guts to go public with their personal biases and thoughts, without any prejudice and chaos in their minds and with a subtle objectivity so that they can be perceived as narrating the universal messages... such is the art of literature. However, how can we understand it? How can we understand the art of literature? How can we know about the most famous works worldwide when we have so little time on the earth to go to the bathroom every day? What can we do? Well, for all such heroes and heroines, we have brought a book review of the most comprehensive and yet compact companion to world literature in English – The Reader's Companion to World Literature by Hornstein, Percy and Brown. The book us published by A Mentor Book, USA.

The book contains a lot of entries, wonderful information and the cynical as well as subjective, objective and wonderful views by the authors on various writers, literary personalities, literary creations, landmark works of literature and so on... you can browse the same in an aliphatic order. You can also know the behind the scenes secrets of any work that you might not know otherwise.

Let's take a summary or view or companions ideas for instance:

"Pride or Prejudice has no apparent basis in topical or literary satire but has an independent life at her mature level of work – an ironic, unlissuioned, and yet sympathetic view of human nature and its flair for comic incongruity."

So, you can easily see that these three authors are at their ironic, intellectual and witty best when they describe the works of literature, the landmarks of literature and the artists who created the best written arts in the history of English literature. You can certainly enhance your knowledge's sphere by getting a copy and you will never feel bored while casually browsing this book or randomly looking for new knowledge.

I enjoy reading this book more often when I am sitting leisurely and doing just nothing. The book is indeed a companion to the best pieces of literature in English.

You can get a copy of this book from bookstores near you or online by e-commerce websites.

Review by Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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