Saturday, 6 February 2021

Motivational Literature – the genre that has evolved with time!

In India, things keep changing. Some things, however, change because they must and some things are forced to change because they must change urgently. The same stands true in the context of literature as well. We have the trend of romantic literature today in fiction. In non-fiction, authors are truing their hands at motivational or self-help literature. There are many authors who claim to write the best motivational literature and many others who are really the bestsellers! However, how much has the genre changed? Does it accommodate all the concerned target audience? Let's discuss it.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Does content in literature change the equations? An opinion

Julius Caesar might be appealing to the world with an opinion that he was a powerful personality and a statesman of repute. However, to a reader sitting in India, Caesar is nowhere near the characters from our history like Bhishma Pitamah and King Bharat. At the same time, the world might rejoice the outstanding skills at war displayed by Achilles, the great Greek warrior who single-handedly veered across the lines during the mythological Trojan War. However, can he be a warrior as force as Arjuna or Karna for an Indian? I am sure the answer should be NO! And this is why, we must agree, the context matters. The environment, with all its pros and cons, blacks and whites and oranges, does have an impact upon our ideals, choices and values that we ascribe to people and things.