Saturday, 6 February 2021

Motivational Literature – the genre that has evolved with time!

In India, things keep changing. Some things, however, change because they must and some things are forced to change because they must change urgently. The same stands true in the context of literature as well. We have the trend of romantic literature today in fiction. In non-fiction, authors are truing their hands at motivational or self-help literature. There are many authors who claim to write the best motivational literature and many others who are really the bestsellers! However, how much has the genre changed? Does it accommodate all the concerned target audience? Let's discuss it.

It all started, most would agree, with the publication of landmark non-fiction by Shiv Khera – You Can Win. The book has sold many copies and still continues to do so because its appeal seldom fades. However, since the publication of this book, the genre of self-help literature or motivational literature has evolved very much. It has changed from being author-centric to being readers-centric. Traditionally, the authors used to talk about their achievements and achievements of some acclaimed personalities and used to insinuate the readers to do the same. However, today, the situations have changed. The authors, the clever ones, in fact, try to help the readers assess their present status and and realise their shortcomings. Eventually, once the readers realise their capabilities and the things that they lack, they can open up to changes or modifications and this certainly gives them the confidence.

We have to keep in mind one more thing that the authors who write self-help books, most of them, are also motivational speakers. They organise lectures and workshops where they help the audience to get inspired to achieve things in life. Many who claim to be the best motivational speaker in India are also the bestsellers in motivational literature and this certainly adds value to their brand both the ways. A person who is famous as a speaker will do better compared to a person who is not. Likewise, a bestselling author will gather more audience compared to the one who is not so well-known. In a way, it is business as well!

There are mainly 3 categories of self-help literature today. Professional, personal and spiritual. Professional literature focuses on the aspects like career, entrepreneurs and discovering workable ideas. Personal ones focus on self-help, goal assessment and strategies. The spiritual self-help literature focuses on realising the purpose of life and living it to the full without much regret.

Let's see how far things go and how long the authors can sustain this new trending genre in literature.

By Rupesh for Book Reviews Web

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