Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Modern Literature and the web of romance fiction – have you been bitten too?

 Without being rude or disrespectful towards anyone, I would like to make a statement. Contemporary romance that smells more of the body than abstract sucks pretty bad! If you are a passionate reader of novels, you will surely understand my concerns here. I am not targeting any particular author. I am telling what I feel after reading so many novels written by contemporary novelists in India and outside. Excessively repetitive, overly used themes are employed with very naive thinking that readers will fall for the characters and their absurd romantic mishaps... and a few do. And it is even more problematic to realise that more and more young authors are trying their hands in this genre because they idealise a few successful, clever and bestselling authors who have sold millions of copies of romance. Sans romance. Excessive romance. Whatever! Yes, you might see book review websites going gaga over newly published literature or a debut romance that stirred readers' into awe... I never pay heed to those because I know their ins and outs.